With a massive track record, consisting of 5 released albums, 24 singles, over 150 million streams on Spotify and with more than 70 million views on YouTube (across channels), Smash Into Pieces have evolved into one of the fastest rising Scandinavian alternative rock bands to this date.

In August 2020 the band released not only an album, they released the beginning of a story that piece by piece through their music videos revealed a world, a digital world, the world of ARCADIA! Heading into 2021 the band announced that the Arcadia story will continue. On January 22nd the first episode RISE UP of season 2 was launched and was shortly followed by the second episode REAL ONE. Now the time has come for the third episode.. My Wildest Dream (AKA: VR)

Confirmed for more than 60 live shows in 2021, among others the “worlds collide tour” with the giants in Within Temptation and Evanescence (September 2021) the future has never looked brighter for SIP!

And just like DRKN they share the passion for gaming and esports. This is why we felt like this was a perfect match.

Listen to their latest release_



The red personality and band leader that has devoted his life to art. He lets his actions do the talking for him and nothing will get in his way once his mind is set. Having the skills of a superhero, DJ, and drummer combined, he became the worlds first mobile drummer adding hiselectro beats and all kinds of craxy stunts to the show. Leading the members of the band and inspiring his Smashheads to excel in every aspect of their lives is his call.


The green personality, the middle man in every discussion that regardless of how pressured a situation is he can keep his calm and focus 100% on himself. He glues it all together, cooling the most heated debate in group and with his unique voice he makes it Smash Into Pieces! The man in the middle has an extraordinary life story that gives fuel for all kind of lyrics, he may look like a bane, but he sounds like a golden god.


The blue personality, the mastermind with a fetisch for details. Being the "engineer" of the band, he loves to nerd around with new gear or work on new solutions for the new live show. Per adds the rock element to the band and never says no to a heavy guitar sound. He always seek to find a meaning with what he creates, seeing the bigger picture and connecting the dots, the perfect complement for the yellow creator.


The yellow personality, born to entertain and easy to like, he has that charming, funny personality that just attracts you, there is no way to resist him. He also holds the greatest passion for music on the planet, he always has a new melody on his mind, creating music wherever he goes. One by one he found the members of SIP and brought them together.