Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco is a veteran in the world of esports. With his colorful, humble charm and his strong AWP plays he has been a staple of the international CS:GO scene for several years, something that has also turned him into a living legend in his home country Portugal. Gaming has been an integral part throughout his 33-year-old life ever since he was a kid, and he has no intention to slow down any time soon.

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”I'm proud to be a gamer"

You have been a widely recognized pro for many years now, what drives you to keep pushing?

- I’m not gonna lie and say that the financial aspect of the competitive scene in CS isn’t motivating. But it isn’t the most important thing. The fact I still feel like improving and competing is motivation enough. Also being recognized by my fans is also very motivating. Feeling like they follow my career with care and passion, makes me super happy and pumped to keep playing at this level.

What is it about DRKN that you connect with?

- I just really dig the clothing line’s vibe. Everything about it says me. It’s different, it’s unusual, it’s comfortable, it’s stylish. I'm proud to be a gamer just by the fact that I can do what I love.

What other stuff are you you really passionate about in life?

- Well one of them you can tell: tattoos. Been a fan my whole life. Then I would say bikes. Love them since I was kid when my dad kinda “introduced” me to them. And last but certainly not least, my 3-year-old son. He’s been a blessing for me and I just love being a father, it’s a wonderful experience. Difficult, but wonderful, at the same time.

OK thanks for the chat man, any final thoughts for all your fans out there? And what are you up to right now?

- Just thank them for the continuous support and love. I just left the team Tempo Storm and joined Giants Gaming as their team captain so I'm super excited about that. We will see what the future holds!


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