Behind the tag - Stormz

After plowing through Call of Duty tournaments like a storm, German content creator and competitive COD player Felix took the name Stormz to represent his success, adding a Z at the end for bonus points and extra personality. DRKN went behind the tag to fins out who he is and what keeps him going!

Hi Stormz, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Felix Poloczek, i'm a gamer, streamer and content creator from Germany and I go by the tag of Stormz. I play call of duty competitively, performing in various tournaments and I also play in local, offline events.
What would you say is your favorite game?
My favorite game is Call of Duty Black Ops 2, because that's when my journey started in the competitive world. I have to also say that Halo 3 shares the position as my favorite game of all time.

How did gaming begin for you, how did it start?

I went in the afternoon again and again to a school friend who had an xbox. We played mostly shooter  split screen against each other. Since then I am very affine with the genre of shooter. Of course I usually won without even looking at his side of the screen. ;)
We have all had a peek at the other side of the screen, no shame! Can you tell us the story about your gaming tag? Why Stormz?
After choosing an embarrassing name when I was young, I knew that I would soon need a new one. I conquered more and more tournaments like a storm.
So I thought I could call myself storm. To make it look even more personal I stuck a Z behind and so, the name Stormz was born.
Apart from gaming, are there any other hobbies that you are passionate about?
Yes, I stream and produce videos for my channel. It's a lot of fun to interact with the audience and their support pushes me too. I also like to meet friends or spend time with my girlfriend.
What motivates you to keep creating and pushing yourself?
The support I get from the outside, be it fans, spectators or friends and family
I also love to be the best, that's why I give 100 percent!

What advice would you give to young creators starting out?
Start out! it's very important that you enjoy it, as soon as it's fun you will produce good content by yourself! Also try growing together, interacting with other content creatorn of your size.
Cool dude, so what are you up to right now? What's going on and how can people follow you?
At the moment I play again in a competitive call of duty team, we will play many tournaments this season and train every day. I also stream regularly on twitch, not only Call of Duty but other games as well, and I upload tournament gameplay, tips & tricks or lan events to YouTube. You will find me at the social medias:

Twitch @StormzCOD
YouTube @Stormz
Twitter @Stormz
Instagtram @felix_poloczek

Big thanks to Felix "Stormz" Poloczek for telling us more about him self an the story behind his tag. Dont forget to order your own personal patch HERE and use code Stormz at checkout here at for 10% off your purchase. 

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