DRKN x Team Byggis & Mackan

DRKN teamed up with the Swedish YouTube duo Byggis & Mackan to take on a CSGO charity event in Stockholm.

Jens “Byggis” Byggmark is a former professional alpine skier from Sweden who only recently began dipping his toes in the world of counter strike. Thankfully Byggis and his long-time compadre Mackan was able to bring in qualified coaching from one of Sweden’s top CSGO teams, Lilmix, to get ready for Musikgibbet, an annual charity CSGO competition held in Stockholm. Backed by the elite professionals pyth, quix and b0denmaster the team had nothing but greatness in their sights.

With a ton of energy, the team went into an intense practice session the day before and came out of it feeling confident that they could get the job done and claim the title.  

“We are going into this competition feeling strong and prepared” Mackan says. “We have a solid team and we don’t expect a lot of teams to be of any threat!”

Jens Byggis Byggmark finding his targets.

The winners from last year, team Ben Mitkus, were again expected to make a grand statement in the tournament by making it to the finals and we had high hopes for team Byggis & Mackan to grab the other final spot. The expected final showdown would be epic.

Instead, by fate or by sinister match making, both teams went head to head in the first knock out round effectively deciding the winner of the tournament in the very first match.

Team Ben Mitkus has a strong start and was ahead five rounds to none early in the game. The professionals from Lilmix lead team Byggis & Mackan through a few brilliant rounds and at round 22 the score was 9-12 in favor of Ben Mitkus. For a while it looked like it could go either way, but Mitkus finished just as strong as they started. The very last round of the match saw pyth from Lilmix in a 5 v 1, a harsh position to be in but not impossible for a player like pyth. This time though, chapMAD ended it all with a knife and team Ben Mitkus walked away with the victory!

Team Ben Mitkus went on to win the entire tournament, defending their title from last year. No other team managed to win as many rounds against them as team Byggis & Mackan proving that the first match of the tournament could indeed be considered a final.

Despite this humbling defeat, the DRKN sponsored team has not been discouraged and are already plotting and training to come back next year. For the full story in vivid detail, check out the episodes from Byggis & Mackan below!

Part one

Part two

A confident team about to take on the tournament.

Lilmix, represented by pyth, quix & b0denmaster

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