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Julia, also known as Miss Rage, is a 29 year old fulltime streamer based in austria. Why the rage? Well her former Nickname was "ToDieFor", but her friends in WOW started calling her ”Miss Rage” because she threw tantrums regularly, even throwing a monitor out of a window at one point. oups!
For MissRage, the interest in gaming began with the first edition Game Boy and N64 but she moved on to PC when a friend invited her to play World of Warcraft. Ultimately it was CSGO that brought out her competitive side and she was part of an all-female team for over two years. Today, the social aspects of streaming made her transition into having it as a full-time job. In her own words that was the: “best desicion ever!”

Hi Miss Rage, thank you for sharing your story, Tell ‘em who you are.
-My name is Julia, i am a 29 year old fulltime streamer based in Austria.

What is your favorite game thats close to your heart?
-I got a love and hate relationship with csgo. It brings out my competitiveness, i used to play it professional in a full female team for over 2 years. when i play it casual with friends it can also bring out the worst in me. I love about it that its simple to understand for people that watch it, but also brings a lot of depth to the table once you get into it.

How did you get into gaming in the first place?
-I guess you can say it started with my first game boy (the big gray one :D), moved on to a N64 and later got my first PC.

-I really got into online gaming when i was 16, so really late sadly. one of my best friends wanted to get a mount in WOW that you would get when you refer a friend. thats how i got hooked.

-I played wow for many years, witched to LOL later and found CSGO 5 years ago but as i said earlier, CSGO brought out the competitiveness in me, which changed a lot.

-Streaming started for me as a way to find friends to play with. where i am from, not a lot of people play video games. i watched a lot of streams early on when twitch became a thing (even back when it was still justin.tv). one day i thought i could just stream when i play, it wouldnt hurt. I made many new friends and it grew into what i call my job today. best desicion ever.

When did you realise gaming could be your thing?
-When i got really addicted to World of Warcraft. I started finding excuses why i couldnt go out with friends in IRL, just to raid :D 

Tell us the story about your gaming tag?
-My former Nickname was "ToDieFor" , but my friends in WOW started calling me miss rage, cause i threw tantrums regularly. At one point i even threw a monitor out of my window... I did calm down ever since tho.

What is your best gaming memory?
-Playing my first csgo lan with my team back in 2017 (cph games).

What is your worst gaming memory?
-Losing my steam account to a hacker for 2 weeks at one point.

Are there any other hobbies that you are passionate about?
-I love cooking and gardening a lot.

What motivates you to keep creating and pushing yourself?
-My community is a huge support and my source of motivation.

What advice would you give to young creators starting out today?
-Just be yourself. theres no point in pretending to be someone ure not. surround yourself with a community that loves you for who you are.
-Dont invest thousands of € in expensive gear. nowadays you can stream with the shittiest gear and still have a great stream. re-invest whatever you make through ur stream, theres no point in buying a 5k streaming setup,
if you dont know if you will succeed.
-Also, Finish your education kids! You can combine both till you are done.

What are you up to right now? What's going on and how can people follow you?
-I am currently transitioning into playing more than just one game. so you can expect more variety on my twitch in the future.
The best way to see what i am up to is to follow me on twitter and instagram, outside of twitch.


Follow MissRage via her channels below!
Twitter: @missrage

Instagram: @missrage

YouTube: @MissRageLoL

Twitch: @Miss_Rage

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