DRKN X Modern Warfare

DRKN OFFICIAL Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® capsule collection dropping soon.
We are proud to present our latest collaboration with Activision and Call of Duty Modern Warfare to present an exclusive capsule collection.
The look and feel of the exclusive Call of Duty collection has been developed together with Activision for the highly hyped game release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This collection consists of jackets, army vests, hoodies, t-shirts, caps and beanies. The collection will be quite dark in look and feel, and will live up to the high DRKN quality in every detail, from the highest quality cotton to zippers and practical details tailored for gamers.
”I am very excited about this partnership and collection”, says Hampus Ericstam, responsible for the collection at DRKN. "The collection has been inspired by the thin line where technical structure meets total chaos. The beauty of Modern warfare" says  Ericstam.

Some pieces of the collection will be produced in limited numbers and some pieces will only be available to buy once you reach a certain level in the game. "The prestige master jacket can only be bought if you have reached the highest game status, prestige master”, says Ericstam. 

The clothes comes prepared for up to four different patches and are delivered with official patches. "We encourage gamers to personalize the clothes by producing their own patches as well”, says Ericstam. He also reveals that he will design personalized patches for a limited number of influencers and e-sport profiles. There will be a possibility for others to buy these patches as well. 

The full collection will be available to see on the DRKN.com later in in September, ready to be sold from early October. Limited numbers of pre-orders can be registered at DRKN.com already today to secure delivery of exclusive and limited pieces.

Press contact 

Carl Bofeldt CEO DRKN


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