Due to the significant hospital shortages of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Meta Threads and DRKN will be collaborating in an effort to service our community, state and employees. For every mask purchased, all profits will be used to fund the production of two additional masks that will be donated to hospitals, medical facilities and essential business front line workers.

During this unprecedented time of need, we ask that our close-knit community come together to contribute towards something positive. Thanks to the gaming communities support, DRKN has helped in generating over 33,000 masks donated.

The current mask we have developed is FDA registered (Listing # D387543) QKR schedule. Registered use as a face mask (except N95 respirator) for general public/healthcare personnel per IIE guidance.

The special edition META x DRKN masks seen below are available at

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