Join us in our mission to merge next level of gaming with wearable fashion.

On our garments there is a rubber tag on the right sleeve and in that rubber tag there is a NFC-chip. When you scan it with our app - you will gain access to the content of the chip. Our vision is to give you exclusive content that blurs the line between reality and the digital world. So when you get a piece of clothing from us - you get something for the digital you as well.

Some items will include exclusive in-game content that you can only get from DRKN. This can be a sticker, a spray, an emote, free custom patch or even a legendary skin and the list of opportunities goes on.

The first step is the app.


The first loot drop is the 6 SIEGE Thermite hood that contains the DRKN exclusive "THERMINAL FRAMEWORK" skin. This is only available through us. When you have the hoodie and the app - you just scan the rubber tag to gain access to the in-game content. Redeem it for your platform below.