Design inspired by a futuristic military aesthetic which draws on DRKN DNA of armor and positive & negative space. The result is sculptural yet highly structured.

Eye shape has a wide field of view delivering an immersive experience. Cut away sides and end pieces create negative space to further enhance field of view while leveraging design freedom only 3D printing offers. Temples swoop backward and cut sharply inward while thinning out to create an intentional “headphone zone” that both aesthetically and functionally accommodates headphones.

Frames are made from 100% bio-based Polyamide made from sustainably-farmed castor bean oil.

ZEISS lenses
DRKN and King Children partnered with ZEISS to leverage the latest research in vision and neuroscience, exploring the full power of color to formulate a lens specially designed to improve the performance of gamers.

ZEISS created BioChrom, a generation of lenses that go beyond vision that use the latest in chromotherapy technology. Neuroscientific and psychophysiological studies show that BioChromFocus yellow lenses increase attention span during a task, showing a positive influence of the lens on the ability to stay focused.

Additional features of BioChrom Yellow Focus lenses:

  • Neuroanalysis shows a significantly lower average distraction index of -83% in
    participants wearing BioChrom Focus yellow lenses during a task than without lens.
  • Filters out 50% of Visible Light Transmission
  • Strengthens attention and focus
  • Improves response time
  • Increases speed of reading
    Anti-Reflective Azure backing:
  • An anti-reflective coating reduces the light that reflects on the internal surface of the
    sun lens and bothers the eye
  • Features comfort, clarity, durability, performance
  • Helps further reduce blue light

Gaming Benefits
Feedback from a small group of frequent gamers who wore the DRKN hero frames for a 4+ hour gaming session all reported feeling much more focused during game play with significantly less eye strain than during a typical gaming session. They also felt the temples sat comfortably under large headsets. 

“Reduced fatigue when I put them on”
“I liked the function of the glasses and the feeling of them when wearing them” “Felt like taking off ski goggles on a sunny day... very noticeable”.

DRKN teamed up with King Children as we share the same view on sustainability. DRKN has introduced our DRKN Play concept in order to minimize waste, which matches King Children’s committment to solving the major negative impacts on our planet caused by the eyewear industry; waste created through production, unsold inventory, and CO2 emitted in the supply chain.

In the traditional eyewear industry, up to 80% of the raw materials input become production waste. Our production system allows for zero waste manufacturing. We individually craft each frame out of 100% bio-based Polyamide made from sustainably-farmed castor bean oil using our proprietary laser-based technology. For each frame made, we recycle leftover material to use for the next pair.

In the traditional industry, over 50% of eyewear produced is never sold. King Children eyewear is made-to-order, eliminating unsold inventory.

Compared to the traditional industry, we produce less than 10% of typical CO2 emitted in the eyewear supply chain. To fully offset our emissions, we partnered with Lifegate’s Zero Impact project to plant trees in Madagascar to minimise our carbon footprint.

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