DRKN x Red Bull Gaming Sphere

Red Bull, in partnership with Inferno Online, opens a brand new esports & gaming venue in Stockholm, Sweden. DRKN will supply the state of the art gaming arena with proper gaming wear to make sure the staff look their best.
The area is 280 square metres filled to the brim with the latest in gear and tech. Adaptability is one of the most important aspects of the Gaming Sphere, making it possible to host any sort of tournament, workshop, bootcamp or event possible.

Besides PCs and consoles, the Gaming Sphere is equipped with state of the art modular sound- and light systems, professional studio equipment for live productions, crisp screens and an enormous 325-inch projection wall.

Stockholm is the third city in the entire world to get a Red Bull Gaming Sphere - joining Tokyo and London, where they've fast become an integral part in each cities gaming communities. DRKN is proud to be a part of this fantastic milestone in the Swedish esports community.

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